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Whether you are looking to co-source, up-scale your LP assets or fully outsource this function, we have a tried and tested solution. Rapid Loss Prevention is a dedicated if not somewhat niche service provider covering the retail and hospitality sector in people, property and asset protection. We give you total peace of mind that your assets are protected all of the way through the supply chain, at the retail store level, through to the management of refunds and faulty goods. 


Our Loss Prevention as a Service (LPaaS) covers all aspects of retail loss prevention and is supported by our many years in the industry. Our loss prevention training is CPD accredited, meaning you and your staff are allocated the CPD learning hours as part of the package giving you a tangible qualification in retail loss prevention management. Rapid Loss prevention's LP MANAGER created in collaboration with Stonebridge Risk is the descendant of years of building LP training and reporting systems and is a holistic system that keeps the prevention of malicious and non-malicious loss at the forefront of all your sales staff and managers thoughts. Our Third-Party Loss Prevention Auditing (3PLPA) function means you no longer have to worry about hitting your auditing KPIs as we have a fully scalable solution to ensure a non-biased approach, giving you a clear review of risk in your retail environment.







Would you like our highly trained and experienced Loss Prevention Advisors to assist you in conducting a range of Loss Prevention duties on your behalf?  


This includes training and risk assessments, structured store visits and Loss Prevention investigations, with all the relevant information being fed back to you in a user-friendly dashboard highlighting any areas of concern or noncompliance.


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