Catalyst is a leading supplier of EAS security tagging products as well as many other services.


Full range of both AM 58Khz & RF 8.2Mhz hardware and consumables:

  • EAS tag “recycling”

  • CSTR Source Tagging programme

  • The latest generation 3D footfall counter

  • RFID – Security / Inventory or both


3D footfall counter:

Logging onto the online portal you will be able to see all the information in daily / weekly / monthly reports and in you preferred format, graphs, pie charts etc.


The counter offers 5 metrics:

  • People Counting (In’s & out’s)

  • Store front conversation (how many people pass your store compared to entering)

  • Dwell Time – Average time spent in store

  • New and Returning customers

  • Cross Shopping (has this customer visited other stores)


Through our footfall reports you can understand busy and non-busy times. 

This will allow for greater staff management through more till operatives during busier periods and more stock replenishing during non-busy periods, or simply how many staff are required per day opposed to being over staffed or under staffed.

You can also track marketing events or even store window displays to see if these worked by increasing footfall numbers through your stores.

Due to local laws, some services advertised are not available in all regions / countries.

Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Registration Reference ZA215223.

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