Stonebridge Retail Loss prevention and Definitive Hospitality have partnered to develop a best in class education and awareness program built specifically to your requirements.

This Training Portal combines employee Learning and Development with Loss Prevention and Health and Safety auditing and procedures, offering an advanced business solution to your operation. 


This is a holistic approach that is tailored to your business, which is unparalleled across the world of dining and hospitality. Our unique portal has a vast range of developmental and training attributes, which have been put in place by industry experts and Loss Prevention and Health and Safety assessors to give you an entire package at an affordable cost. 

Within the Training Portal we include all relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and we also make them cognisant so that they don't remain static and collecting dust. We are there to assist your business to maximise profit and margin as well as maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and litigation regarding your staff and assets. Our handpicked industry experts have a  vast and varied background in fast, casual, and fine dining as well as having worked for some of the world's biggest brands in retail and F&B across numerous verticals. We have included a prelude to the level of detail we include as part of this package below. 

Here you have access to the LOSS PREVENTION MANAGER built specifically for F&B. We have included, Loss Prevention Audits as part of the holistic strategy, also a full suite of reporting systems covering Health and Safety, Conflict Management, and Violence in the Workplace.