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Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention's eLearning platform allows distance learning at your own pace, designed to be an over-arching view of Retail Loss Prevention / Investigation / Risk management in modular blocks. The Loss Prevention Academy can be rolled out across an entire company, complimenting existing training or as a standalone element for those interested in furthering their Loss Prevention careers.  


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  • Increased awareness of emerging threats

  • Access to subject matter experts 

  • A reduction in inconvenience, time and cost associated with training

  • Our approach is based on international best practices, and methodologies

  • Perfect for personal development plans 

  • Benchmark your staff's knowledge



"Very good course teaching from the foundations up in good loss prevention management practice. Good teaching method with assessment and test questions on each completed module to ensure the knowledge has sunk in correctly" A.O'Donnell Student in 2017

 Shoplifters, Fraudsters and Organised Retail Crime (ORC) can bring a business to its knees very quickly. The Retail Loss Prevention eLearning course aims to highlight awareness of the potential Risk to Staff, Managers and Customers. 


Our comprehensive lesson plan designed specifically for the Retail Sector encapsulates Compliance, demonstrates how you can secure your store from Third Party Threats and help reduce Shrinkage caused by Malicious and Non-Malicious means. 


If you are looking to further your career within Retail Operations, Security or Loss Prevention (LP) this is the ideal course to gain in-depth knowledge and develop a full LP strategy of your own. 

Module 1 - 4


  • Overview of course

  • Introduction to Loss Prevention

  • ECR methodology

  • Retail risk

Module 5 - 8


  • LP Toolbox

  • Investigation case management

  • Standard operating procedures 

  • HSE

Module 9 - 12


  • Emerging threats

  • Supply chain & inventory

  • Organised retail crime

  • Business continuity

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*Course content is available for a period of 3 months. Thereafter, if the student has not completed the course they can pay a £99 continuation fee to access the content for a further 3 months.

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