The Relevance of LP Store Audits:

A critical component of a successful Loss Prevention program is the compliance and adherence to policies and procedures throughout an organisation. The most effective way of measuring this is through regular store audits. Industry studies, along with our own results, have shown that retailers who conduct multiple onsite audits in their locations annually have a lower shrink rate or known loss than those who rely purely on system data to evaluate these measures. Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention's store audit program is designed to bring a focused approach to Loss Prevention across the organisation and are customised to fit your culture, your processes and your Loss Prevention objectives.

Bridge The Gap:

As a core service offering, we provide a bespoke built LP store auditing program, created to coincide with your standard operating procedures, we can visit any UK store and perform the full LP audit on your behalf. Each audit is created to ensure maximum output with the minimum of distraction to staff and managers and all of our staff are vetted and security cleared to enhanced disclosure level. 

Cost Saving:

When taking into consideration the cost saving implications of this service it is clear to see this is one of the primary reasons businesses decide to outsource.  It allows the business to get the work done for a fraction of the price.  It also allows a business to cut costs such as health insurance and holiday / sick pay.

Test Purchase / Mystery Shop:

Do you implicitly trust every member of staff without fail? Can you really be sure that every member of staff has your business interests at heart? Whilst the great majority of people are totally honest and trustworthy, some do fail to make the grade when it comes to customer service and even lining their own pockets with your money and goods. Let us give you a true reflection of your business from a customers point of view.  

Full Retail LP Analytics:

Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention provides full retail LP analytics from the audited stores including agreed action plans and feedback in the form of a completed Stock Loss Action Plan, signed and dated by the store in charge. A report is then sent to the designated Operations Manager in charge of the store along with a detailed analysis of the store performance. 


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