Loss Prevention Facilities Management: (LP FM)

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered the aftermath of a break in or criminal damage resulting in either graffiti, broken windows, smashed amenities, damaged doors or penetrated hoarding or walls, you will know it is imperative the issue is dealt with quickly and effectively. Once the authorities have left you are responsible for the cleanup and security of the building, along with the safety of any staff remaining on site. 

Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention's dedicated LP FM Team are there to assist you in rectifying the problems you may have been left with after any incident within your business.


Our specialist commercial cleaners are available with very little lead time, to ensure you can get back to business quickly and efficiently. 


If you manage a residential or business property porfolio that has been maliciously damaged we can assist by rectifying the issue and allow you to get the property back on the market quickly and efficiently. Mitigating risk and reducing loss.


We can assist with post squatter cleanups in business or residential premises and also with the after effects of hoarders who have collected an extensive quantity of possessions that require removal and / or disposal. 

24 Hour Callout:

As we are aware that not all events can be predicted, we are available on a 24 hour call out basis.  If you would like to know more please contact us on 07702 032 343 or info@stonebridgerisk.com