Loss Prevention Inventory Management Solutions: (LP IMS)

Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention's co-sourced and fully outsourced Inventory Management Solutions (IMS) provide a full inventory management service to retail. Specialising in SME and franchised businesses models, we have a fully scaleable operation providing accurate, real-time reporting.   

Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention independently validates the quantity and quality of inventory as it moves through the supply chain. Discrepancies and damages are isolated and dealt with at the source thus improving your claims process whilst eliminating discrepancies and damages that would potentially be transferred into a store. 

Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention brings complete visibility to the inventory process through a web-based reporting system.  From the first day stores start their inventory preparation, through post count analysis, to preparation for the following count, Stonebridge Risk brings you insight to monitor and identify situations requiring mediation and react - in real time. 

After the inventory itself, Stonebridge Retail Loss Prevention can assist in creating a bespoke Shrinkage Charter to assist your business in managing and mitigating shrinkage. We are there to help you implement any changes to your existing operation. 

Do you let property? If so we can provide full photographic evidence of the overall condition and final count of provided amenities including kitchen appliances, bedding, and seating arrangements. This provides both parties with an impartial account of supplied inventory. 

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