Welcome to the Loss Prevention Manager for Food & Beverage (F&B) here you will find useful reminders, tips and up-to date information on ways to prevent loss and minimise wastage. Whilst we understand that there will always be loss / shrinkage to some degree there are numerous ways in which we can take control of the impact.

This is the generic retail section of the Loss Prevention Manager, it includes guidance around external theft and fraud, how to identify and deal with shoplifters and advice around fitting-rooms and EAS systems. If we accept that loss / shrinkage is an entirely manageable factor we can look to eradicate unnecessary cost to the business. 

The Loss Prevention Reporting System can be utilised in numerous ways including confidential reporting of suspected acts of wrongdoing including theft and fraud and non-compliance. We have included a range of reporting systems to cover violence in the workplace, hostile reconnaissance and collation of external theft signals to assist in pinpointing crime in retail.

As part of the Loss Prevention Manager, we have included downloadable health and safety and security guides to assist you in performing certain important loss prevention duties at a local level.

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