Middle East & North Africa

Private Investigation (MENA PI)

MENA PI is a premium service for those wishing to have Private Investigations conducted across the Middle East and North Africa. Our expertise in conducting Covert Observations of people, assets and property has been utilised across the world with particular focus on the MENA region. Whilst there are strict lines of governance especially around an individual's right to privacy, we can still operate covertly and gather evidence as required. Contact us via secure email at info@stonebridgerisk.com for further details. 






operating across multiple regions over the Middle East and North Africa, we are well versed in conducting covert investigations in a sensitive manner. 


Our multinational investigation team can blend into any situation or location.

Email us today to find out more. 




  •       Accident Investigation

  •       Adultery Investigation

  •       Background Investigation

  •       Blackmail Investigation

  •       Cheating Spouse Investigation

  •       Cold Case Investigation

  •       Competitive Business Intelligence

  •       Computer Forensics Investigation

  •       Counter-Surveillance

  •       Covert Surveillance

  •       Covert CCTV Installations

  •       Criminal Background Checks

  •       Criminal Investigation

  •       Dependency Investigation

  •       Discrimination Claims Investigation

  •       Divorce Investigation

  •       Domestic Investigation

  •       Due Diligence Investigation

  •       Eavesdropping Detection (TSCM)

  •       Email Tracking and SMS Tracking

  •       Embezzlement Investigation

  •       Employee Theft Investigation

  •       Employment Misconduct Investigation

  •       Financial Fraud Investigation

  •       Harassment Investigation

  •       Hidden Assets Investigation

  •       Insurance Fraud Investigation

  •       International Capacity

  •       Litigation & Legal Support

  •       Maritime Investigation

  •       Mystery and Secret Shopper

  •       Online Auction Fraud

  •       Organized Retail Crime (ORC)

  •       Personal Injury

  •       Polygraph and Lie Detection Testing

  •       Precognition Statements

  •       Professional Malpractice Investigation

  •       Real Estate Fraud Investigation

  •       Security Consulting

  •       Sexual Harassment Claims

  •       Surveillance, GPS tracking

  •       Technical Surveillance Countering

  •       Undercover and Covert Investigation

  •       Unfaithful or Cheating Investigation

  •       Unsolved Crime Investigation

  •       Witness Location and Interviewing

  •       Workers Compensation Fraud

  •       Workplace Investigation Interview

  •       Workplace Violence Investigation