Stonebridge Private Investigation offers private and corporate investigation services including surveillance, tracking, missing persons and specialist matrimonial investigation. We have been tasked by banking institutions, insurance companies, oil and gas, NGO's and private individuals.


Stonebridge Private Investigation's in-house matrimonial investigation specialists have access to a plethora of private investigation capabilities, including technical applications, covert surveillance options and GPS tracking. 

Usually deployable with little lead time, our covert operators can gather real-time intelligence recorded onto professional standard video and photographic equipment.

Covert Rural Surveillance:

Stonebridge Private Investigation only deploys ex-forces with specific experience into Covert Rural Observation Posts, our operators can spend days in one location with no outside assistance. Speak to one of our operations managers today to discuss your needs.


We at Stonebridge Private Investigation offer a bespoke consultancy service with regards to personal safety whether in residence or traveling within the UK or abroad. Our strategic partners based over the globe are trained and experienced operators, ensuring personal safety at all times. 

Penetration Testing:

Allow Stonebridge Private Investigation to assess your security protocols and physical security assets. Will your current protective strategy actually stand up to the test? A full report is supplied at the end of the penetration test with any target hardening recommendations.


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Private & Corporate Investigation:

Stonebridge Private Investigation, conduct, private surveillance and Investigation on a global scale, Whilst we are based in the North of England we have conducted investigations across the UK / Ireland and Europe.


All of our operators are specially trained ex-forces personnel with hundreds of hours of on the ground experience, gained from corporate, commercial and private investigation.


Our transparent all-inclusive fee is charged hourly with no "extras" so there are no surprises at the end.


All of our investigators understand the importance of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE 1984) to ensure the inclusion of evidence in any subsequent trial or hearing.