10 Point Check...

So to keep it simple we look for different things in different environments, clearly we don't need to review fitting rooms in a hotel for example.

We try to keep it as close to the main risk factors across all types of commerce as possible, Generally it goes like this...

  1. Reception / greeting on entry

  2. attentiveness of staff

  3. Selection of goods / services

  4. is it Neat Clean and Organised (NCO)

  5. Speed of service

  6. Opportunity to cause malicious loss

  7. Opportunity to cause non malicious loss

  8. Security in situ

  9. Value verses price

  10. Overall shopping experience for goods or service

This is all taken into consideration and marked as a percentage, I.E. 7 out of 10 = 70%.

Any premise hitting a 100% threshold then receives a 1 star rating, up to and including 5 stars.

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