What is LP CRM again?...

Before we start...

Who are we to judge?

The founder of Rapid Loss Prevention has at least 20 years in retail loss prevention, asset protection and profit protection on his side. Working with companies like Starbucks, H&M and Boots in the Middle East and TJX Europe and H&M here in the UK.

Not only in an LP capacity but also in operations, we feel we are qualified in presenting a true to life holistic overview of security and operational procedures that can influence customer relations and ultimately the cost attributed to loss within retail.

When we say CRM we are generally looking at Customer Relationship Management, this is no different. An unbiased review of our interactions within retail, hospitality and leisure.

We at Rapid Loss Prevention review our noteworthy interactions within all types of commerce.

Stopping loss makes everything cheaper for the end user, most businesses operate on a very tight margin. If we close the gap on margin loss, prices stay lower overall. As soon as costs go up those costs are immediately offset by the customer, rising costs of living are attributed to the rising cost of doing business, or Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

This guide will help both commerce and in the end the consumer.

Helping you to make the right decisions on where to buy, where to stay and where to spend your precious time off. Whether its dining out, going out, or just getting the weeks groceries in, our LP CRM rated guide will assist in giving you a real time heads up from a customer perspective across all types of commerce that you spend your hard earned cash on.

Stop Loss... Stop Paying More... See www.rlp.today for your detailed view on LP CRM.