What we look for...

So, what exactly do we look for?

We rate the business on numerous factors including the opportunity cause loss either internally or externally. With all loss coming from either malicious or non malicious intent, we look to see what opportunities are left out in the open along with of course the overall customer experience.

Look at it like an organic test purchase...

Depending on the type of business, we look to review different factors influencing the possibility to cause loss (or shrinkage) to the business. We don't actually cause any loss merely review the potential for others, whether accidentally or deliberate. We also don't explain to the wider audience how to cause loss in that business but merely score on a risk register which businesses are allowing loss from an opportunistic perspective.

On occasion we may even add in a product review, this depends how much we love or hate it :)

If there's something amazing out there that we feel is of benefit to our readers then why not.

We may also on occasion give a shout out to an outstanding member of staff or management.

We will always ask permission to include any names or details beforehand.

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