Loss Prevention Investigation:

Covert intelligence gathering is often required to prove or disprove an allegation or suspicion of either internal dishonesty (theft or fraud) or noncompliance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) designed to mitigate risk and protect the business.


Businesses quite often don't have the resources to investigate this fully and usually the only option is to have untrained supervisors or managers deal with the issue. Rapid Loss Prevention has the solution! Our highly trained and experienced consultants can attend the store / DC / restaurant or bar / cafe and gather evidence, interview witnesses and check any available CCTV. Normally, at this point in the investigation, we would submit an interim report and the client would make a decision on whether or not to proceed with interviewing the staff member. Again this is something we can conduct on your behalf as all of our consultants are trained in Wicklander Zulawski (WZ) non-confrontational interviewing techniques. 



loss prevention investigations

Covert CCTV Installation:

We understand the complexities surrounding Covert CCTV installations and have had many years experience of installing them in a professional capacity. As long as this is, under scrutiny, seen to be equitable and incorporating all applicable aspects of Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) and Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) along with Data Protection Act (DPA) as well as any local regulations for example Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai. We can provide our professional covert services by installing and monitoring covert applications within the workplace.


We only use professional grade equipment to gather evidence. We will not supply grainy or out of focus video or stills for inclusion in our reports. All evidential video or photography is date and time stamped. We also present you with a chain of custody to avoid any allegation of tampering / contamination of evidence. Our consultants are fully aware of international court proceedings and well versed in giving evidence.